Harvard Square, Cambridge

If you happen to be in Harvard Square, I recommend the following restaurants.

  • Waypoint, inspiring seafood

  • Park, hearty meats and potatoes

  • Alden & Harlow, small plates, innovative ideas, complex cocktails, beautiful people, Veblen pricing

  • Dumpling House, try the soup dumplings, Cantonese lobster, dry pot chicken

  • Cilantro, try the “Fish Fillet w. Spicy Chili Sauce”

  • Flame, I recommend eating here if and only if you order off of the secret lunch menu. There is a WeChat group run by Harvard students out of the Chemistry department, ask around.

  • Maharaja, best Indian food in Harvard square

  • Hokkaido Ramen, on a cold brisk evening Hokkaido Ramen will be crowded. You’ll wait at least 30 minutes, and that will be time well spent.

  • Border Cafe, for a lively atmosphere, strong drinks, delicious food, excellent service and a fair price; look no further.

  • Felipe’s, same as above but at an incredible price.

  • Le’s, on a cold morning in Hanoi, I unexpectedly had my first Vietnamese coffee; that feeling of unexpected pure joy I had that morning is one of my fondest travel memories. Coming to Le’s reminds me of that trip.